The Theme Music for DrugsLab on Youtube

DrugsLab is a great Youtube channel, and I really liked the theme music they used to start and end each video, so I went searching for it. It wasn’t too hard to find, but it wasn’t obvious either, so I figured I’d make a post about it to make it obvious to the search engines.

Band: Supersci

Song: All Year Next Year

Album: Pinetrees On The Pavement


Youtube – Supersci – All Year Next Year

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Prescient Words on #Trump

“If you thought Bush Derangement Syndrome was bad, you ain’t seen nothing yet.” – EoZ

I expect the Left to lose its collective shit.

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TV Likes

Real Husbands of Hollywood

I thought it would be dead because season 4 was crap, but with the old crew back for season 5 – even Robin Thicke! – it’s having a great comeback.

The Profit

Though it’s on a month hiatus right now, I’m hooked on Marcus Lemonis and his almost autistic-like determination to win. Yet some of the best shows are the ones where the deals fall through. Keep those episodes coming.

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Egypt’s Disgrace – 2016 Rio Olympics

Egypt’s Islam El Shehaby, in blue, refuses to shake hands with Israel’s Or Sasson after their judo match, Friday, August 12, 2016.

Not only a disgrace for Egypt, but further disgrace for the IOC — International Olympic Committee — who has allowed this blatant bigotry to occur throughout these games. The Lebanese bus disgrace being the other incident.

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Getting Real Tired Of Your Shit, Snopes.





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