On Sam Harris and Donald Trump

I watched/listened to the Joe Rogan podcast on Youtube with Sam Harris, and here’re my thoughts on Harris’ and Rogan’s take of Donald Trump:

While I appreciate Sam Harris as a sober thinker, I don’t see him having all the facts about Trump, and his distaste for Trump is possibly clouding his vision. Trump has explained his rhetorical tactics in his own books, and Scott Adams (Dilbert) has important insights on Trump’s persuasive speaking abilities.

Sam Harris is against building a wall between Mexico and the US, but we’ve tried building that was many times, and in places where a solid wall is made, it has stopped/rerouted the flow of illegal immigrants. Walls do work to slow/stop migrants when they’re well created and maintained. That’s just a fact. One can debate the ethics of that wall, but tens of millions of illegal immigrants over the past 50 years is unacceptable to me.

Joe and Sam marvel at the ignorance of people who support Trump while ignoring and deriding the reasons people want Trump to succeed. All they have to do is listen to what they’re saying: Illegal immigration is bad. Don’t apologize for having an opinion that’s counter to the mainstream. A strongman can project power better than a bureaucrat. Stop policing the world, and instead fight to win when we do use our military. Etc.

There are many people who are sick and tired of watching the scales of justice constantly rebalanced to favor those who don’t seem to deserve what they’re given, or who feel entitled to the benefits of being an American without understanding how to be a good citizen. We have rioters who’re allowed to rampage while politicians coo about oppression and cops stand idly by. Then we have cops who flagrantly abuse their power and get away with little to no punishment. Also the Marxist social agendas that give unearned power to some people for acting like oppressed victims while they act in the most absolutely vile manor, all while living in one of the most open societies on the planet. And stories of how the rule of law is falling apart to make room for political, social, and financial exigencies (transgender laws, civil forfeiture laws, political corruption, etc).

When we can’t trust the law, we can’t trust the society it governs, and that’s what so many people are reacting to when they endorse Donald Trump and his brash, if sometimes false, rhetoric.

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