God Dammit, Google

From killing one of my accounts and not reimbursing my money I paid for extra storage, to getting rid of Google Reader and leaving so many geeks hanging, my experiences with Google have been iffy. Even their redesigns are not user friendly, looking for symbols on Gmail to hopefully lead me to menus that will help me get shit done. They’re putting design over function, and I hate that.

Great search engine, shitty decisions.

Anyway, the latest terrible thing is the destroying of RSS feeds for Youtube subscriptions. I came to this at a tumultuous time; I only found out about Youtube subscription RSS feeds because I heard they were phasing them out. When I found out what I had been missing, I was able to view more videos and find more relevant content than ever before. Hitting the subscribe button automatically added that channel’s new uploads to my RSS feed. No more 50 emails a day with updates about who was posting videos, nope, it was now all in my RSS reader (which is now premium Newsblur, because it can handle my usage). It was perfect.

But, as I said, it was coming to an end when I found it. It seems the end of April was the end of an era, because those glorious feeds all from one single RSS feed link, stopped coming. Now it’s an OPML file I have to upload to my reader, and all the subscriptions are individual feeds.

This blows.

The thumbnail for each video is gone. The brief description is now a chunk of text without formatting. The very helpful line that said how long the video was is now gone. It’s just harder to parse what entry is for what subscription now. It’s horrible! It’s a gigantic step backwards, and Google will do nothing about it because they don’t care. They are just going to push their mobile-friendly web vision and screw everyone who isn’t glued to their phones all the time. The power users who aren’t sipping half-caff mocha frappucinos with hipster friends are to be left the crumbs of the mobile design gods.

It’s infuriating, and I had to rant about it so I can move on. *sigh*

Here’s my puppy. Thanks for reading. WOOOOO-sahhhhhhhh.



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