If #Gamergate Was About Books…

If #Gamergate was about books, you could replace the terms with words that will make you cringe:

#Gamergate = #Readergate

Gamer = Reader

Game = Book

Game Developer = Book Author

So then you get apologist drivel from the likes of David Weinberger saying:

It began as an attempt to shut up one woman — [an author] who had criticized the entrenched sexism and misogyny in her industry — by “slut-shaming” her and then threatening her.

As other women entered the conversation that was spreading across the Web, male [reader] bullies organized to stamp them down as well, some of them adopting [Readergate] as the rubric for their “movement.”

Besides the laser-focused victim narrative Weinberger is creating, when you put the words into terms that we inherently respect (books and reading), we start to get a creepy feeling about what kind of Newspeak and bullying is being vomited up by proponents of the SJW-dominated anti-gamer disinformation corps. These faux intellectuals — looking to liberate the world from the yoke of a male tyranny that doesn’t exist — ignore facts in favor of emotions.

Pointing out a woman cheats on you many times and lies about it = slut-shaming.

Pointing out that this game dev slept with male game journos which may help this woman’s career = non-issue.

Not pointing out that the woman who did these things also ruined a collective that was helping female game devs get their games created = real (opinion) journalism worthy of inclusion on CNN.

Not pointing out a huge list of game journos are coordinating their narrative about #Gamergate = Officer Barbrady-esque “Move along, nothing to see here.”

We know you’re lying, or you’re so uninformed your opinion is worthless and your Fascistic and Authoritarian worldviews are unwelcome.

Vivian James (Video Games)

Vivian James (Video Games)

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