I’ve Been Seeing A Lot Of Facebook’s “Sorry, This Page Isn’t Available” Screen Lately

Usually it happens when I go into my notification fly-out and someone has “liked” one of my status updates.

Facebook Fly-Out or Dropdown Notification Area

Facebook Fly-Out or Dropdown Notification Area

I click it to see what was “liked” and get the dreaded bandaged thumb©. At first I thought Facebook might be deleting posts I’d put up, but it seems that it’s just a glitch. If I get the dreaded bandaged thumb©, but then go to my personal timeline, I’ll see that the post is still available, and the like that the person put on it shows up, I just can’t get to it from the notification flyout. It’s annoying, and should be fixed ASAP, but as long as I’m not being censored, so be it.

Facebook's Dreaded Bandaged Thumb

Facebook’s Dreaded Bandaged Thumb©

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