Man calls to report a burglary, deputy arrives and shoots his dog in the head


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RAINS COUNTY, TX — A man says that when he called police to report that his home had been burglarized, he waited hours for an officer to arrive — only to witness his dog promptly being shot in the head by the responding deputy. He says when backup arrived, they mocked and intimidated him with a taser.

On April 18th, Cole and Jayna Middleton discovered that their home had been broken into. Several items had been stolen, including the family’s firearms. Mr. Middleton phoned the Rains County Sheriff’s Office for help.

Mr. Middleton, a farmer and cattle rancher, tended his crops while waiting approximately 2.5 hours for a deputy to arrive and take a police report. Middleton’s father was in the pasture with him, along with the family’s beloved pet and trusted cow-herder ‘Candy.’ Candy was a 3-year-old Blue Heeler (also known as an Australian Cattle Dog) and weighed approximately 40 pounds. She was sitting in the back of a pickup truck as they worked.

When Rains County Deputy Jerred Dooley arrived, Middleton and his father both say they witnessed the deputy stick his head into the door of their house, which was nearly 40 yards away. Candy barked at the unknown stranger, hopped out of the truck and approached the house “bark[ing] like all good dogs do,” Middleton described.

Cole Middeton and his father immediately made their way up to the house to meet the deputy, but it was already too late. Candy was dying on the ground of a gunshot wound to the head.

“I shot your dog, sorry,” Middleton remembers Deputy Dooley telling him.

'Candy' lies dead after being shot by a Rains County TX deputy.  (Source: Facebook / Justice for Candy Middleton)

‘Candy’ lies dead after being shot by a Rains County TX deputy. (Source: Facebook / Justice for Candy Middleton)

Middleton says that Candy was shot behind the ear — in the side of her head — a wound he believes indicates that she was not facing the deputy.

The deputy then retreated to his squad car, and using his vehicle loudspeaker, ordered the men “do not approach the vehicle.” Reinforcements were called.

Middleton says that he could not bear to see his dog “yelping and thrashing in unbearable …read more

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