The TSA Has Erased The Constitution To Make It Easier To Violate Your Rights

By Amy Alkon

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The TSA Has Erased The Constitution To Make It Easier To Violate Your Rights
John Brennan, who stripped naked at a TSA checkpoint to protest, was found “Not Guilty” of public indecency. But, writes Lisa Simeone at TSA News Blog:

Not content with that ruling, the TSA pushed on, charging Brennan with “interefering with the screening process.” This week, a judge sided with the TSA:

IT IS HEREBY ORDERED, after consideration of this record, that a violation of 49 C.F.R. ? 1540.109 is found PROVED and a civil penalty in the amount of five hundred and dollars ($500) is ASSESSED.

Granted, it was a reduction of the fine the TSA wanted ($1,000), but it still doesn’t favor Brennan. The judge in the case is the Hon. George J. Jordan, a U.S. Coast Guard Administrative Law Judge (don’t ask me what the Coast Guard has to do with anything).

As Brennan reports on his aptly named Facebook page, Naked American Hero, he’s planning to appeal.

. . . Brennan expects an unfavorable decision, but believes his actions will not be the cause. The Aviation and Transportation Security Act of 2001 removes Constitutional defenses for defendants at the initial hearing phase of the legal proceeding. Said another way, jurisdiction of Federal judges for ruling on Constitutional defenses has been removed by the TSA. Mr. Brennan was using his affirmed First Amendment right to protest violations of his percieved 4th Amendment rights. If Mr. Brennan loses this round, he will appeal. TSA contends that disrobing posed a security threat.

Right — a threat to the emotional security of the TSA management and workers that Americans will docilely comply as their rights and bodies are violated in the pretense of security. Every time you comply as your rights are being violated, or don’t at least protest afterward, you make it that much easier for the next rights grab and the next.

Simeone notes:

Brennan, in fact, proved that TSA procedures have nothing to do with security. If they did, he would’ve been allowed to board his flight after irrefutably demonstrating that he wasn’t harboring any weapons, explosives, or incendiaries, the only things the TSA is allowed to search for.

In other words, he was safe. He should’ve been cleared. Instead, he was arrested.

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