Mom gets investigated by social workers after advocating marijuana reform


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Branden, Renee, and Rachel Petro (family photo)

LITHIA, FL — A child-abuse investigation has been launched on a Florida mom after she made some public statements in support of medical freedom. Social workers intruded into her life in order to look for excuses to seize her children.

This is the situation that Renee Petro is facing. She is the mother of a boy with a terrible illness. Branden, age 12, has been diagnosed with a rare form of epilepsy which results in uncontrolled seizures and can be fatal. Her desperate quest to save him is also what has drawn the scornful eye of the state.

A Perplexing Illness

Renee and Branden when the illness began.   (family photo)

Renee and Branden when the illness began. (family photo)

Branden was perfectly healthy until 2010, when he fell suddenly ill during a visit to Renee’s home country of Jordan. An unexplainable swollen lump on Branden’s neck was followed by fever, then periods of lethargy and fatigue. Within a week Branden had his first seizure.

Branden was then put through countless tests, doctors, and pharmaceutical drugs. His family took him for treatments in Jordan and then in Germany. Doctors were at a loss to explain or solve the problem. They put him into a medically-induced coma.

“No one could figure out what was wrong with him,” Renee told Ladybud Magazine. “They brought in infectious disease specialists and numerous neurologists. They did an MRI, a CAT Scan, tested for meningitis, tried all these different seizure drugs. I kept thinking, let’s just rewind, this can’t really be happening.”

Branden’s medically-induced coma lasted a month, and the doctors had administered a battery of harsh pharmaceutical drugs, including Phenobarbital, Topamax, Dilantin, Depakote, Lamectal, and high doses of steroids.

Renee tends to Branden during his prolonged hospital stay.  (family photo)

Renee tends to Branden during his prolonged hospital stay. (family photo)

Despite all the drugs, the seizures continued after the coma ended. Worse, his mind was obviously being altered by the drugs. He growled and hissed like an animal, and was having hallucinations of bugs crawling all over the room. He had to re-learn to eat and walk.

“I wondered, how could this be?” Renee recalled tearfully to Ladybud. “A month ago he was swimming, playing, being normal, and now he’s in this hospital hallucinating… …read more

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