Women terrorized in dark lot by gun-wielding beverage cops after buying bottled water


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Beware: There are beverage cops afoot. (Stock photo)

CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA — A trip grocery shopping for three young women was abruptly ended when a gang of seven unidentified men in threatened them in a parking lot with guns and tried to abduct them. The women successfully made a harrowing escape from the assailants, aimed a pistol at them and tried to break their windows as they screeched away, screamed in terror. When the women called 9-1-1, they discovered that the gang was actually a group of plainclothes beverage cops intent on inspecting the bottled water they had just purchased from the supermarket. The victims were then treated with malicious prosecution.

Elizabeth K. Daly, age 20, was a student at the University of Virginia and was preparing a meal for a sorority benefit fundraiser. On April 11th, 2013, she and her two female roommates went out to the grocery store to fetch some bottled water, ice cream, and cookie dough. They drove up to the Harris Teeter food market, located in the Barracks Road Shopping Center.

With tears streaming, Elizabeth Daly was booked into jail with felony charges.

With tears streaming, Elizabeth Daly was booked into jail with felony charges.

Little did they know, that when they exited the store around 10:00 p.m., they would be stalked by a half-dozen armed bureaucrats who were out trolling for victims. More specifically, they were Virginia’s finest, the Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) enforcers, and they had taken an interest in the ladies’ choice of beverage for the evening. The women were carrying a 12-pack of LaCroix sparkling water in blue wrapping.

As the ladies walked to their car, they were followed by two strange men who had abruptly appeared out of nowhere. The women hurriedly jumped in their car.

The men tried unsuccessfully to pass themselves off as representatives of the government. However, the men wore plainclothes instead of uniforms, and the women had done nothing wrong to attract their attention. These people didn’t look or act like the government — at least not the government they had been told about in storybooks. They thought they were being attacked by criminals who did not enjoy the authority of the state.

“They were showing unidentifiable badges after they approached us, but we became frightened, as they were not in anything close to a uniform,” wrote Ms. Daly.

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