An Israeli leftist's lonely search for a moderate Palestinian Arab

By (Elder of Ziyon)

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From Einat Wilf in Al-Monitor:

I was born into the Israeli left. I grew up in the left. I was always a member of the left. I believed that the day that the Palestinians would have their own sovereign state would be the day when Israel would finally live in peace. But like many Israelis of the left, I lost this certainty I once had.

…But one of the most pronounced moments over the past several years that has made me very skeptical toward the left were a series of meetings I had with young, moderate Palestinian leaders to which I was invited by virtue of being a member of Israel’s Labor Party.

I had much in common with these young Palestinian leaders. We could relate to each other. However, through discussion, I soon discovered that the moderation of the young Palestinian leaders was in their acknowledgement that Israel is already a reality and therefore is not likely to disappear. I even heard phrases such as, “You were born here and you are already here, so we will not send you away.” (Thank you very much, I thought). But, what shocked and changed my approach to peace was that when we discussed the deep sources of the conflict between us, I was told, “Judaism is not a nationality, it’s only a religion and religions don’t have the right to self-determination.” The historic connection between the Jewish people and the land of Israel was also described as made-up or nonexistent.

Reflecting on the comments of these “moderates,” I was forced to realize that the conflict is far deeper and more serious than I allowed myself to believe. It was not just about settlements and “occupation,” as Palestinian spokespeople have led the Israeli left to believe. I realized that the Palestinians, who were willing to accept the need for peace with Israel, did so because Israel was strong. I realized that, contrary to the leftist views in Israel, which support the establishment of a Palestinian state because the Palestinians have a right (repeat: right) to sovereignty in their homeland, there is no such parallel Palestinian “left” that recognizes the right (repeat: right) of the Jewish people to sovereignty in its ancient homeland.

…So, it was somewhat ironic when, just several months ago, I received an email from the Israeli-Palestinian meeting’s organizer to write a response to one of the program’s core funders as to whether the program had an “impact …read more

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