How To Break My Trust With Your Media Website — A Quick Visual Reference

If you’re a media website and you want to break my trust in you immediately, here’s how to do that ( edition).

1. Have a story that I’m interested in sharing…:

Misinformation from

Misinformation from

Wow! 60 rockets fired at Israel from Palestinians in one day without a declaration of war? That’s very provocative! I think I’ll share this story!

2. …But have different information when I share the story:

Misinformation from - facebook share

Misinformation from – facebook share

Wait, what? 20 Rockets fired at Israel from Gaza? But you said 60 rockets! And your link even says “dozens” of rockets were fired. WTF?!

Shitty website. Ignore.

I do understand that there may be some lag, that the article may be updated since the Facebook share excerpt was included, but it’s still wrong. If you update the article, you have to update the Facebook share excerpt, otherwise it’s misinformation and confusion. Either way, it’s a rinky-dink operation.

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