Signs protesting government theft stolen by government with heavy machinery


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Heavy machinery rips a protest sign out of the ground. (Source: YouTube)

HONOLULU, HI — Free speech is under fire in Hawaii as the government took dramatic measures to stifle a woman’s criticism of the government made peacefully in her own yard. When she put up signs protesting the city’s habit of stealing private property, the government sent heavy machinery to literally drive onto her property and steal her signs.

Eminent domain is the highly political process involving the government’s targeted use of force to confiscate private property from its rightful owners. While theft is called “legal” when performed by the government, it remains a highly contentious issue and one that is very easily abused.

Residents of Honolulu have been sensitive to the abuse of eminent domain for some time, as the government has performed a number of callous, politically-motivated seizures. Recent examples involve the attempted condemnation of property in order to build a “super sized” expansion of the fire station, as well as confiscation of tents from homeless people. The abuses have brought some heat onto Honolulu Mayor Kirk Caldwell.

Activist Choon James at the state capitol in 2012 -- months before her own own protest was bulldozed.  (Source: Chad Blair / Civil Beat)

Activist Choon James at the state capitol in 2012 — months before her own own protest was bulldozed. (Source: Chad Blair / Civil Beat)

One upset resident, Choon James, has made her displeasure known about the use of eminent domain for several years and has become an activist. In 2010, she protested by creating large signs condemning the government. Her signs read “Eminent Domain Abuse: Who’s Next?” and “YouTube Eminent Domain Abuse—Hawaii.” She posted them on a lot of fenced commercial property that she owns.

Evidently the signs struck the nerves of Mayor Caldwell, and in May 2012, city minions were dispatched for the first time to seize the signs. They entered the property and damaged the signs in the process of nabbing and impounding them.

Undeterred, James installed 3 more signs after the first set were taken. This act of defiance would elicit a more dramatic response this time.

On October 18th, 2013, the city minions returned — with several tons of heavy machinery.

The government agents literally drove a front-end loader onto James’ property and yanked her signs out of the ground …read more

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