Amnesty International endorses the decriminalization of prostitution. Feminists outraged.

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Often when the decriminalization of prostitution is raised, it is almost always done so from the perspective of making life easier for the prostitute. This has led to the “Swedish” model where the woman selling sex is a “victim” and isn’t charged but the man who buys her services is.

Amnesty International has pissed off feminists by using language in an internal policy draft that, in addition to calling for COMPLETE decriminalization, did so while NOT demonizing johns and pimps. In addition, Amnesty calls for decriminalizing prostitution out of consideration for involuntarily celibate males:

“Along similar lines, men and women who buy sex from consenting adults are also exercising personal autonomy. For some in particular persons with mobility or sensory disabilities or those with psycho-social disabilities that hamper social interactions sex workers are persons with whom they feel safe enough to have a physical relationship or to express their sexuality. Some develop a stronger sense of self in their relationships with sex workers, improving their life enjoyment and dignity. At a very basic level, expressions of sexuality and sex are a primary component of the human experience, which is directly linked to individuals’ physical and mental health. The state’s interference with an adult’s strategy to have sex with another consenting adult is, therefore, a deliberate interference with those individuals’ autonomy and health.”

Hissy fit feminist reactions:

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