TSA: Blame The "Little People" Who Work For Them, Too, Because They Are To Blame

By Amy Alkon

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TSA: Blame The “Little People” Who Work For Them, Too, Because They Are To Blame
Every person who takes money for violating the bodies and rights of their fellow citizens is absolutely to blame and should be shamed at every opportunity for doing it.

Former TSA worker, Jason Edward Harrington, writes in TIME about his time with the groping security theater provider, the TSA, contending that we shouldn’t get (so) mad at the men and women working the security line, when it’s their bosses who send down the ridiculous orders:

But our best bet is to take the frustration toward the TSA agent confiscating our over-sized liquids, and re-direct it to the people at TSA headquarters who are being paid the big bucks to make the rules — the ones who make the call as to whether our toothpaste is verboten and whether our shoes will need extra screening.

Wrong. They all deserve our actively expressed disgust and protest.

First Amendment lawyer Marc J. Randazza, who defended me when the TSA worker came after me for $500,000 for daring to name her name when complaining about her violation of my body and rights, concurs:

The author’s premise is wrong — you SHOULD blame the rank and file. I understand that they do not make the rules. Neither does any low-ranking idiot. But, the policies from above can never go into place without the guy on the bottom who feels important by enforcing the idiotic policies coming down from the top.

We are occupied. We have a responsibility to make the lives of the occupiers difficult. Blame everyone who wears the blue shirt.

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