Former ADA Comes Out For Legalization Of Prostitution

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Former ADA Comes Out For Legalization Of Prostitution
Robin L. Barton, a Brooklyn-based legal journalist and a former assistant district attorney in the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office blogs at The Crime Report about why she believes in legalizing prostitution:

Although banning prostitution hasn’t eliminated the activity, it has made working conditions for those engaged in the profession unnecessarily dangerous. That’s why some countries as noted above have taken steps to try to improve their safety.

If we really care about the well-being of the women who support themselves as sex workers, legalize prostitution and regulate it like certain cities in Nevada and other jurisdictions currently do.

By doing so, the government could permit prostitutes to work indoors in safer locations than street corners and to take other measures to protect themselves, such as by hiring bodyguards. In short, they could take control over their lives.

Prostitutes would still be vulnerable to violence to some extent. But if their conduct is legal, they may be more willing to come forward if they’re victimized by clients or pimps.

The government could require sex workers to be over a certain age and to be licensed. In addition, it could also address health issues by requiring them to get regular physicals and use condoms.

And if prostitution is a legal profession, it could be taxed!

But I believe that the argument for legalizing prostitution goes beyond safety.

Women are entitled to control over their bodies. Just as they should have the right to decide whether they want to remain pregnant, women should be able to decide for themselves whether they want to engage in sexual acts in exchange for money.

If we’re honest, the line between having sex with someone for cash or in exchange for dinner or jewelry is a thin one.

And participants in other occupations trade the use of their bodies for money, most notably professional athletes. Is being a hooker really that different?

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