Father charged for speaking about his daughter’s kidnapping


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Lou and Linda Pelletier (Source: Avital Greener / Mail Online)

BOSTON, MA – A father is being charged by the state of Massachusetts for speaking about the kidnapping of his daughter and the oppression his family has endured for the last year. After reaching emotional, physical, and financial exhaustion, Lou Pelletier decided that the only way to save his daughter was to speak out and make his daughter’s story as public as possible. Breaking a judge’s so-called “gag order” may cause him to be punished for exercising his right to free speech.

The heartbreaking story began in February 2013 when Lou and Linda Pelletier took their daughter to Boston Children’s Hospital for treatment for influenza. Doctors there attempted to radically change a diagnosis of one of then-14-year-old Justina Pelletier’s existing medical conditions.

In summary, a mitochondrial disorder previously established by her regular physician was reversed and turned into a psychiatric disorder. The doctors of Boston Children’s Hospital wanted to cease treating her for her old diagnosis and start her up on psychotropic drugs. Her family objected and wanted to discharge her from the hospital. That’s when security guards instead removed Lou and Linda from their daughter’s side, and within days they were stripped of custody of Justina.

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Justina Pelletier (Source: Facebook)

Justina Pelletier (Source: Facebook)

The Pelletier family suffered for months with limited contact with Justina and frustrating legal battles. To make matters worse, they were threatened by a judge with a “gag order” to not disclose details of the case.

Justina particularly suffered as she remained trapped an alone; detained indefinitely with no indication of being released. Her conditioned worsened as she was no longer being treated for her mitochondrial disorder and was instead being heavily medicated and subjected to “behavioral modification” techniques, which were so disturbing to her father that he called them “torture.” If Justina was caught writing secret notes to her parents — outside of the prisonesque 20-minute phone call and 1-hour visitation she was afforded per week — she was punished. Mr. Pelletier said the way his family has been treated rivals something out of North Korea.

After facing continual disappointment with the justice system, high legal bills, his daughter’s desperate condition, and virtually no notice from the national media, Lou Pelletier …read more

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