Looks Like Dr. William Davis Was Right in Wheat Belly

By Richard Nikoley

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Well what do you know?

I’ve been following Dr. Davis for a long time and have really applauded a lot of the work he was doing over the years getting really good results for people, primarily by getting them off wheat and getting their vitamin D levels up. The results often showed up in significant reductions in heart scan calcification scores. Davis is in a cardiologist. Since I was pretty hardcore Paleo at the time, it made a lot of sense, but I attributed that success mostly to the removal of grains period.

Then comes his book—

  • Man Boobs and Wheat Bellies
  • Wheat: Scourge of Civilization

  • Wheat: How About Against the Grain, and Zero Servings Per Day?

  • Dr. Garth Davis, Surgeon: I Warned You….


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