Commemorating when the Arab countries decided to persecute their Jews

By (Elder of Ziyon)

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The Arabs made no secret that they were threatening Jews in Arab countries during the debates before the UN partition vote in 1947. Heykal Pasha, the Egyptian delegate, said, “The United Nations … should not lose sight of the fact that the proposed solution might endanger a million Jews living in the Moslem countries. … If the United Nations decided to partition Palestine they might be responsible for very grave disorders and for the massacre of a large number of Jews.”

The New York Times reported on the dangers faced by Jews in Arab countries in May, 1948:

It is clear that this was a coordinated effort by Arab countries, using the excuse that it would be a popular uprising against local Jews.

In the end, 99.5% of Jews were ethnically cleansed from their homes in Arab states.

Lots more information in this publication by Justice for Jews in Arab Countries.

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