Somebody Has To Pay For Health Care Costs

By Amy Alkon

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Somebody Has To Pay For Health Care Costs
As a self-employed person, I’ve paid directly every month for my own for decades — although it’s now become unaffordable thanks to how I’m now being forced to pay for everybody else’s.

The turkey that is the “Affordable” Care Act is providing health care in the 21st century, when many people are freelancers, as if it’s “work till you get a gold watch” 1952. Yes, healthcare is still tied to the workplace. When somebody leaves their job, which happens with frequency these days, they lose their health care and have to start over with the provider at the new business.

At one business forced to provide health care for their employees, the LA restaurant Republique, they’re passing health care costs along to customers, with a 3% surcharge added on to every bill, reports LAist.

They quote a KPCC piece:

“I would be lying to you if I didn’t tell you this has been an aspiration to solve this issue over the years, so you don’t get ruined by rising health care costs,” said Chait.

Under Obamacare, businesses like Republique with more than 50 full-time employees have to offer affordable health care benefits or pay fines. (This week, that mandate was delayed again, to 2016)

Customer reaction, from the KPCC piece:

“I was very surprised,” said a customer sitting nearby, sipping a latte. (She asked not to be identified) “Quite honestly, I had an immediate reaction that was not positive.”

On Yelp, online reviewers have been less kind, calling the surcharge “obnoxious” and “tacky.”

“It is not MY responsibility to take care of YOUR employee’s health care. That is YOUR job,” wrote one reviewer, continuing, “I will not be returning because of the 3% charge.”

Your reaction?

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