It's Awful, What Some People Do To Their Pets

By Amy Alkon

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It’s Awful, What Some People Do To Their Pets
I’m horribly mean — for Aida’s own good. The only time she gets people food is if she’s fast enough when Gregg drops some tiny scrap on the floor when he’s making dinner. (This doesn’t usually happen anyway, because he immediately banishes both of us from the kitchen when he starts cooking.)

People think it’s cute and sweet to give their pet table scraps or to let them eat food unmonitored, whether or not that works for the particular pet. Lucy, my late sweet Yorkie, would just stop eating when she was no longer hungry. Aida, my tiny Chinese Crested, is a little piggy who now gets fed out of a food toy she has to push around with her little pom-pom paws to make her little food pellets come out. (For a while, I was saying, “Eat!” and “Stop!” to slow her eating down, but that was a little dull and time-consuming for me.)

Anyway, what inspired this post was a piece in The Atlantic about fat pets. Lindsay Abrams writes that 50 percent of U.S. dogs and cats are overweight. There are some poor, sad fat pets pictured in the piece, too — just awful to see.

It’s this kind of indulgent irresponsibility on the part of owners that makes for sick, uncomfortable, obese pets:

Maverick, a cat enrolled in the Pet Fit Club, was declared by his vet to be the biggest cat he had ever seen. His owners couldn’t help but give in to his cries for more food than he needed, until he reached the point where he was having trouble breathing. And even for a cat, he was sleeping too much.

I love this little doggie and have a responsibility to her and part of it is to be judiciously “mean.”


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