"Zionists trying to hide Canaanite-Palestinian civilization"

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You know how You know hoe Israel is always accused of using archaeology to hide any traces of Muslim presence in the land (a charge that a simple visit to the Israel Museum would dispel)?

Well, that’s passe. Now Israel is being accused of hiding the flourishing Canaanite-Palestinian civilization.

A Jordanian columnist says “The Zionist movement is trying hard to obliterate any trace of the existence of the Canaanite civilization in Palestine.”

Given that the Torah says that the Canaanites existed, this is an interesting accusation. But, you see, it isn’t the Canaanites they are hiding so much as the purported Palestinian ties to Canaan. You see, from this article we learn that the formidable giants that the twelve Israelite scouts encountered (Numbers 13:28) were, in fact, Palestinian!

You learn something new every day.

It is good to know that Palestinian Arabs are in fact descended from Canaanite non-Arabs.

Except for those named Erekat/Uraiqat/Areikat.

And the famous Husseini family of Jerusalem, who came in the 12th century. (The Shawishes come from the Husseinis.)

And the equally famous Nashashibis of Jerusalem, who are of Turko-Kurdish origin.

And the Abu Ghoshes, who came around the time of the Crusades, possibly from Europe.

And the Barghoutis, who came from the Bani Zeid clan who arrived after the Crusades as well.

And the Al Khalil family, from Mecca.

And the Khazens, who are from Lebanon.

And the Nusseibehs, the oldest Arab family in Jerusalem, who arrived in the 7th century.

And the Qudwa and Arafat families, who came from Aleppo, Syria to Gaza in the late 17th century.

And the Ridwans, who came from the Ottoman empire to become leaders in Gaza.

And the Salibas, from Greece via Lebanon.

And the Touqans, from either northern Arabia or northern Syria.

And the Hammoudas from Transjordan.

And the Zeitawiswho came from Mecca to Morocco to Gaza. They are related to the Zaghabs.

And the Ghassans, who came from Arabia to Lebanon.

And the Tamimis, who come from the Tamim tribe of Arabia.

And the Tarabins, who claim to originally come from the Bakom Valley east of Mecca.

And the Jabaris, who descend from an inhabitant of the Jabar castle on the Euphrates.

And the Matar family from Kuwait.

And the Adwans, who came from the Hijaz.

And even the Nabulsi family, who are named after the town of Nablus, but Nablus only got that Arabicized name in the 7th century.

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