This Guy Looks Like He's About To Fall Down The Stairs While Sleepwalking

By Amy Alkon

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This Guy Looks Like He’s About To Fall Down The Stairs While Sleepwalking
He couldn’t look less menacing.

I’m talking about the lifelike statue of a man at Wellesley that some wymym have their own tightiewhities in a bunch about.

At Slate, Amanda Marcotte posts:

It’s funny and is, unsurprisingly, a big hit on Instagram. It’s also creating controversy, as reported by the Boston Globe, as many students object to the statue on the grounds that it’s scary. Zoe Magid, a junior at the university, started a petition demanding that the statue be moved inside the museum. “Within just a few hours of its outdoor installation, the highly lifelike sculpture by Tony Matelli, entitled ‘Sleepwalker,’ has become a source of apprehension, fear, and triggering thoughts regarding sexual assault for some members of our campus community,” she writes, adding variations of the word trigger two more times.

It’s becoming clear what “rape culture” means — a culture created by women to get attention. If you can’t get it for being powerful — which is what I was raised to think of myself as and to be — get it for being a victim, living in fear, waiting for the next opportunity to read victimization of you into even the most innocuous images or situations.

More from the piece:

The museum director Lisa Fischman responded to the petition in an email that highlights how much the statue does not resemble a rapist who is coming to get you: “Arms outstretched, eyes closed, he appears vulnerable and unaware against the snowy backdrop of the space around him. He is not naked. He is profoundly passive. He is inert, as sculpture.”

This email did not placate the critics of the statue, who left dozens of comments, mostly written in feminist jargon. “Your claim that Sleepwalker is passive is spoken in privilege and without regard to the many students on this campus who have faced and survived assault, racism, and many other forms of violent oppression,” writes one commenter. Another likens the statue to real-life sexual assailants and harassers: “You claim that Sleepwalker is inert, passive – free of action or blame. Funny, so do his real-life counterparts.” One woman gets a wee bit excited with, “He ‘appears’ like a creepy pervert! There are so many talented artists who create BEAUTY! This is not art! It’s a sexual assault!” Notably, no self-identified rape survivors piped in to say that the statue reminded them …read more

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