Character vs. Chemistry, Part Four

By Tom Naughton

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If you’re a regular reader, you’ve already seen these pictures. But take another look.

When people send me before-and-after pictures like these, they also usually tell me about their struggles losing weight – often covering many frustrating years — before Fat Head inspired them to try a LCHF diet. Then they finally lost weight.

If weight loss is mostly about character, then here’s what happened to these people: After years of being too weak-willed to simply eat less and move more, they finally developed the necessary discipline. The fact that Fat Head convinced them to start eating bacon and eggs and dump the hearthealthywholegrains just before they became disciplined was pure coincidence.

If weight loss is mostly about chemistry, then here’s what happened: Something about switching to a LCFH diet caused biochemical changes that allowed these people to consume fewer calories than they burned without feeling hungry and miserable. They may have even felt more energetic instead of less while reducing their energy intake.

I of course vote for the second explanation, and the research backs me up. Let’s look at just a couple of clinical studies of low-carb diets.

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