Life Has Only Recently Started To Come With Warning Labels

By Amy Alkon

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Life Has Only Recently Started To Come With Warning Labels
You should have used birth control if you need to have a printed warning in order to know keep a small object away from a kid so young (and/or in a stage) that he puts everything in his mouth.

(And never mind that a 3-year-old can’t read.)

A New Jersey family is suing The Bronx Zoo because their child swallowed a souvenir penny given out by the zoo last summer. Alex Napoliello writes at

The penny was given to each member of the family as part of a promotional deal featuring a Dinosaur Safari exhibit, the New York Post reports.

An employee at the zoo handed the coin directly to 3-year-old Ethan Yi, who then swallowed the penny — imprinted with the words “Dinosaur Safari.”

…Family lawyer Howard Myerowitz told the Post that the jagged edge of the penny scraped and cut the inside of Ethan’s stomach. The entire ordeal left the uninsured family with more than $50,000 in medical bills, he said.

The family is seeking unspecified damages from the Bronx Zoo and the Wildlife Conservation Society, the report said.

Ethan’s mother, Kelly Yi, said there was no warning about the dangers of swallowing the coins.

From the Post, a quote from the “mother”:

“There’s a warning sign for everything. Even the hot coffee has a warning sign,” she said.

Yes, because life is filled with morons and litigious assholes who make other people pay when they fail to take responsibility for themselves and their children.

My mother watched us the way an eagle watches small woodland animals that look like lunch. There’s a name for this: It’s called “parenting.” It’s kept children alive for much of human history.

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