The Federal Government As Surrogate Parents

By Amy Alkon

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The Federal Government As Surrogate Parents

Schumer is a big proponent of this, now suggesting that the feds must create a program to outfit autistic kids with tracking devices.

Not surprisingly, it’s yet another law named after a dead person (usually a dead child) — “Avonte’s Law,” named after 14-year-old Avonte Oquendo who disappeared October 4 and was found dead on January 16 along the East River shoreline in New York.

From the Salon link above:

As Ted Frank, editor of the Center for Legal Policy’s “Point of Law” website, noted in January:

My rule of thumb is a strong presumption that any law named after a victim is poor public policy enacted by legislators who confuse voting against a law with voting against an innocent person.

If you are a parent, it is your responsibility to take care of you child’s needs, not that of other citizens, via our taxes and federal government meddling. If I had a kid who wandered off, I might get one of these rather inexpensive devices for dog tracking. (I considered getting one for Aida, but they’re bigger than she is and I’m very careful when I open the gate so she doesn’t get out.)

Of course, autistic kids often have problems with the feel of certain fabrics and substances and that’s something unknown here. What are they going to do, inject them with chips?

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