Something in the Milk

By Maggie McNeill

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Readers, I recently got this letter from a sex worker I’ve known for years. Obviously I’m not in a position to know all the ins and outs of the situation, but this lady is very sharp and I talked to her about some of the earlier incidents she refers to as they happened, including the one from three years ago. I have edited this a bit for conciseness, to remove a few unnecessary personal details and to embed links, but the rest is hers. The “Gina” she refers to is the owner of Preferred 411 (“P411”), a client verification service to which I’ve referred on multiple occasions.

Dear Maggie,

P411 lily I am writing this in hopes that you may help me to share this information regarding P411. I was reluctant to come forward at first, but after the evidence that presented itself today, I can no longer deny the responsibility that I have to my sisters to report that I strongly believe that the security of the site can no longer be trusted. I was the biggest proponent of P411 for years, but now sadly, I must say that Gina and I exchanged emails today that can leave me with no other impression than that she is working with cops, maybe even the FBI.

Three years ago a man named “Danny Hilwa” attempted to schedule appointments with me in Orlando, Florida, using a very memorable email address. I was provided with screening information that led to a Florida real estate license, so I made the appointment; however, my intuition kept telling me that something was wrong so I ran some checks on the contact form he filled out on my website. A back door tracker showed it originated at “Orange County Telecommunications”, and following that back took me to the police department website. I quickly cancelled the appointment, yet had already told him the hotel; he begged me to see him, and when I looked out the window I saw two blacked out undercover Dodge Chargers in the parking lot, parked driver to driver in the style of the police. So I told him that I found him attractive and would see him for free, and suddenly he lost interest. Hmm.

Early last week, I was surprised to be contacted by that same memorable email address again! I had just posted a new ad on Eros for the Tampa area (which …read more

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