Belgium's new poet laureate not happy I called him an antisemite. Too bad.

By (Elder of Ziyon)

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Last week, I reported that the new designated poet laureate of Belgium, whose pen name is Charles Ducal, is an antisemite, and I posted a couple of his poems to prove it. I introduced it with a story from Philosemitisme blog.

He wrote an email to the Philosemitisme blog, the Anti-Semitism blog and me but for some reason he didn’t bother to find out our email addresses; he sent them to a prominent European Zionist who had been publicizing the story and he forwarded it to me.

Here is the (auto-)translation of his (lawyer’s?) vaguely threatening email:

We demand the immediate cessation of the following accusations of anti-Semitism in relation to Charles Ducal and require immediate rectification of the coverage of Charles Ducal in:
– .

Please find your claims about his alleged anti-Semitism below refuted by Charles Ducal (pseudonym of French Dumortier ) :

There is an article on the blog of “Elders of Zion” accusing me of anti-Semitism. It is further alleged that my moral outrage it exclusively on the Jews and for example I have never written anything about the atrocities of the Belgians in the Congo.

As you, consciously or unconsciously, create confusion between the concept of “criticism of Israeli policy (anti- Zionism)” and ” hatred of Jews ( anti-Semitism )” , for clarity , the following :

* I, like any reasonable person , make a distinction between Jew , Israeli and Zionist. I first of all have respect for the Jewish religion and great respect for what Jewish people in all times have performed in the fields of science, art and philosophy around the world. Since I come from a Flemish family who risked their lives to hide Jewish children from the Nazis, I have a deep sense of compassion for the Jews during the Holocaust. The Poetry Gazette No. 6 of 2012 has two poems of mine , entitled ” Somewhere in Poland ,” which unequivocally express this compassion. These poems will also be found in my collection to appear in March. Second, I cherish no hostile feelings towards the people of Israel and have never so much as a word has given rise to suspicion in that direction . Third, I’m an opponent of the Zionist policy of the Israeli government towards the Palestinian population , as described in dozens of well-documented books , such as ” A cry for justice ‘ Dries van Agt , former Prime Minister …read more

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