The documentary that made Scandinavians cut all funds to its gender studies institute

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The Nordic Council of Ministers (a regional inter-governmental co-operation consisting of Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, and Iceland) has decided to close down the NIKK Nordic Gender Institute. The NIKK had been the flagship of “Gender Theory”, providing the “scientific” basis for social and educational policies that, from the 1970s onward, had transformed the Nordic countries to become the most “gender sensitive” societies in the world.

The decision was made after the Norwegian State Television had broadcasted a television documentary called “Hjernevask” (the Norwegian word for “brainwash”) in which comedian Harald Eia exposed the hopelessly unscientific character of the NIKK.

Part 1 – ”The Gender Equality Paradox”

Part 2 – ”The Parental Effect”

Part 3 – ”Gay/straight”

Part 4 – ”Violence”

Part 5 – ”Sex”

Part 6 – ”Race” (password: hjernevask)

Part 7 – ”Nature or Nurture”

Tl;dr: Comedian completely destroys every claim by the gender studies institute with proof from actual scientists, biologists, psychologists etc. to the point where the state shuts it down.

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