Obama's "balanced" idiocy on Arab and Jewish bigotry

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In a New Yorker interview, Barack Obama gave his 50,000 foot view of the Arab Israeli conflict. And he gets it very, very wrong.

“With respect to Israel, the interests of Israel in stability and security are actually very closely aligned with the interests of the Sunni states.” As Saudi and Israeli diplomats berate Obama in unison, his reaction is, essentially, Use that. “What’s preventing them from entering into even an informal alliance with at least normalized diplomatic relations is not that their interests are profoundly in conflict but the Palestinian issue, as well as a long history of anti-Semitism that’s developed over the course of decades there, and anti-Arab sentiment that’s increased inside of Israel based on seeing buses being blown up,” Obama said. “If you can start unwinding some of that, that creates a new equilibrium. And so I think each individual piece of the puzzle is meant to paint a picture in which conflicts and competition still exist in the region but that it is contained, it is expressed in ways that don’t exact such an enormous toll on the countries involved, and that allow us to work with functioning states to prevent extremists from emerging there.”

First of all, as I have documented many, many times, Muslim antisemitism is not merely “decades” old. Obama seems to be saying that it is a reaction to Israel’s existence, not something that has been part of Islam and the Arab world since Islam began. I’ve shown books and other proof from eyewitnesses in the Islamic and Arab world who saw how badly Jews were treated in Arab countries for centuries.

If Obama cannot understand that Muslim antisemitism is independent of Israel’s existence, he doesn’t know the basics. If Obama’s conception of history doesn’t go beyond the twentieth century, then he is shallow indeed.

But more outrageous is his attempt to say that there is a symmetry between Muslim/Arab hate of Jews and Israel’s opinion of Arabs.

Yes, Israelis fear terrorism. But they are not Islamophobic nor are they bigoted in general. Arabs in Israel do not live in fear of being attacked as they walk down a street with Jewish residents, but a Jew walking through certain Arab neighborhoods is literally risking his life. In Israel.

There is some bigotry, as there is in every country on the planet, but anti-Muslim sentiment in Europe is much, much worse than it is …read more

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