Yes, There Actually Is Such A Thing As "Sasquatch Erotica"

By Amy Alkon

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Yes, There Actually Is Such A Thing As “Sasquatch Erotica”
A tweet I just saw from Matthew Ingram:

MT @knitgrrl: That lady who writes Sasquatch erotica for Kindle is pulling down $30,000 a month. I think I have made life mistakes…

It’s for real. Eric Spitznagel writes for Business Insider about author Virginia Wade’s success:

“Cum For Bigfoot” wasn’t an overnight best-seller. “The first month, I think I made $5,” Wade admits. But over the course of 2012, the book was downloaded well over 100,000 times. “And that was just Amazon,” she says. “That’s not counting iTunes or Barnes & Noble or any of the other places that sell self-published books.” With no marketing muscle, no bookstore tours or print reviews or any of the publicity that most top authors use to sell books, she started bringing in staggering profits. During her best months, she says, she netted $30,000 or more. At worst, she’d bank around six grand — “nothing to complain about,” she says.

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