Palestinian Authority fakes a Golda Meir quote

By (Elder of Ziyon)

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The Palestinian Authority Ministry of Information has released the first of a series of reports on what they call “Israeli Incitement to Racism against Palestinians.” This one concentrates on Israeli media.

The report’s sloppiness and brevity shows that it is clearly a slapdash response to the extremely well documented examples of Palestinian incitement that have been in the news. The PA apparently believes – with justification – that if they issue a press release proclaiming lies and point to a report that no one will read, then it will blunt the effects of Israel’s actual facts.

After all, who would assume that a government is lying so blatantly?

Even though the report covers over a decade of supposed quotes from Israeli media that they say proves racism and incitement, it gives only a handful of examples. It’s biggest quote comes from Haaretz describing Israelis as racist, commenting on a story that they badly misreported to begin with (saying that there were Jews-only bus lines in the West Bank, which is not at all true.)

In other words, their main proof of racism in Israeli media comes from Israeli media condemning supposed racism – which contradicts their entire thesis.

That, however, is nothing compared to this quote from this official PA report:

Golda Meir, the fourth Prime Minister of Israel said: “Every morning I hope I wake up without finding any single Palestinian child alive”…

This quote is a complete fabrication. It doesn’t even exist on other anti-Israel or antisemitic websites – it was made up by the Palestinian Authority. (They link to an Arabic PA webpage which doesn’t even have that quote.)

Their history of lying has not caused them any serious negative consequences so far – indeed, it helped them tremendously – so they’ve kept it up. But this is a conscious deception on their part, made of whole cloth. They didn’t find the quote – it did not exist on the Internet before this report.

…she also said:”I will not forgive Palestinians as they force our soldiers for killing them”.

The second quote is a purposeful mangling of a real Golda Meir quote: “When peace comes we will perhaps in time be able to forgive the Arabs for killing our sons, but it will be harder for us to forgive them for having forced us to kill their sons.”

This quote is the opposite of racism. It says Jews can forgive Arabs for killing …read more

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