Some Politicians And Doctors Are Profoundly Ill

What’s going through this “doctor’s” mind when hearing that a substance can save someone’s life, but nah, fuckit, let ’em die. Certainly not any type of Hippocratic oath, that’s for sure.

PREMIER Denis Napthine [Australia] says he supports the decision of the medical administration not to legalise medicinal marijuana, even after it has been revealed it saved a young girl’s life.

Or this part:

Doctors at one of Victoria’s leading hospitals have acknowledged the “remarkable improvements” in the girl’s condition one year after she started taking the drug.

But Health Minister David Davis has warned families not to use medicinal marijuana, saying it remains illegal in Victoria and that the Government “does not intend to change this legislation”.

Yet another of the thousands of reasons to have less government intervention in people’s lives.

via Desperate parents turn to medical marijuana in last-ditch effort to improve their children’s lives | Herald Sun.


Cheri O’Connell with daughter Tara and son Sean. Source: News Limited

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