If Your Primitive Religious Beliefs Are A Poor Fit With Western Society

By Amy Alkon

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If Your Primitive Religious Beliefs Are A Poor Fit With Western Society…
…Should Western society transform itself to make you comfortable — or should you maybe live in a country that’s a little more Dark Ages, where you’d be more comfortable?

A York University student was asked to be excused from group work because he said his religious beliefs prohibit him from meeting with female classmates. (Those dirty and inferior female classmates.)

From the CBC:

His professor at the Toronto university, Paul Grayson, rejected his request, which ignited a controversy at the university about human rights.

“I was quite shocked,” Grayson told CBC-Radio’s Ontario Today. He said he did not know the religion of the student, but fundamentally did not agree with accommodating him.

The sociology professor got in touch with the Centre for Human Rights and the dean’s office at York. Both replied that he had to comply with the student’s request, with the dean issuing three separate orders to comply.

“I basically refused,” said Grayson. “My main concern was that for religious beliefs, we also can justify not interacting with Jews, blacks, gays, you name it. And if this were allowed to go through, then all these other absurd demands could be made.”

Grayson said accommodating the student would be against everything he stands for.

…The student participated in the group project, ultimately. But Grayson said the university ordered him to make it clear to the student that he did not have to meet with female classmates.

Michele Mandel quotes Grayson in Sun News:

“We have to make a value choice,” he told QMI Agency. “What’s more important — the rights of females who make up 54% of the population, or those of individuals with religious notions incompatible with egalitarianism?”

Welcome to a society committing slow suicide.

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