The Truth About Gun Sales on Reddit

The truth will set you free.

Mother Jones, Gawker and other sensationalist news sites are preparing to release articles beginning next Monday [Jan 6, 2014; 20140106 – donkeyedit] detailing the “assault weapons trafficking” that goes on through We know it’s coming — we’ve seen the emails, we’ve talked to the contacts that they’ve tried to meet with and we’ve seen the discussions — and this is being spearheaded by a gun control advocacy section of Reddit called /r/gunsarecool that dances with joy every time there’s a mass murder. Truth be told, Reddit’s gun sales sections are no different than any other website that lists firearms for sale on the net, but because Reddit is one of the most popular websites, the suggestion that a beloved site could be the source of “gun trafficking” might ruffle some feathers. Anyway, before the stories are even finished this is a good opportunity to get the truth about Reddit gun sales out there . . .

via The Truth About Gun Sales on Reddit | The Truth About Guns.

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