Alex Marthews Sees the Police State Being Forged and Does Not Like It

By Clark

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This essay ( Quit Throwing 9/11 In Our Faces ) is quite something.

Like me, Alex Marthews prefers not to drop the f-bomb …but there are times that try men’s souls, and our ongoing slide into an actual honest-to-God yes-it-can-happen-here police state is one of them, and it’s pushed both of us into it recently.

What’s got Alex’s blood up today?

The facts that

(a) the NSA had all the intel it needed to prevent 9/11, as revealed in this open letter to the president from “Former NSA Senior Executives/Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity (VIPS)”,

The sadder reality, Mr. President, is that NSA itself had enough information to prevent 9/11, but chose to sit on it rather than share it with the FBI or CIA. We know; we were there. We were witness to the many bureaucratic indignities that made NSA at least as culpable for pre-9/11 failures as are other U.S. intelligence agencies.


(b) in response to its failure, the NSA and other intelligence agencies have not done honest soul-searching but have instead engaged in coverups and a concerted push to increase the collection of data on US citizens, even though they have no ability to deal with that data and there is no argument that this increased domestic spying will help protect the people.

Here’s Alex’s rage money-shot, and as a fellow defender of liberty who – more and more – alternates between near tears and near screaming over how the corpse of our Republic is being raped, rapes, I applaud it:

I am fucking pissed off. What a fuckup. What a gargantuan, despicable, offensive fuckup.

These clowns gleefully threw the Constitution on the fire, and gave us NOTHING in return. We’re not safer. We’re certainly not richer. We have lost so much, so that a few people could become extremely rich and powerful, and our corrupt system is now incapable of holding them personally to account. Yet still they yammer on, clamoring for more funding for an NSA that doesn’t work, a TSA that doesn’t work, an FBI that chases imaginary plots instead of focusing on locking up actual criminals. They have played on our fears to make us exchange realistic risk assessment for a meaningless, nightmarish pantomime where we, the American people and indeed the people of the whole world, have to accept the loss of every freedom we hold dear in order to “do whatever it takes” to “catch …read more

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