The Nanny State Takes Over The Grocery Store Checkout

By Amy Alkon

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The Nanny State Takes Over The Grocery Store Checkout
No more plastic bags at the supermarket. I use these bags, no, not to strangle the pigeons but to pick up doggie doo so my landlord’s gardener won’t have to and to store my bacon in the refrigerator.

Little Shiva, who designed my masthead, makes clothes and panda masks out of them. And other art.

But the government knows best!

Catherine Saillant writes in the LA Times:

For Los Angeles residents, the perfect holiday gift this year might have been a reusable grocery bag. On Wednesday, large grocery stores will be prohibited by law from providing free plastic bags.

Shoppers will be required to bring their own bags when stocking up on food and goods, or pay 10 cents per paper bag provided by the grocery store. Smaller independent markets and liquor stores that sell groceries will become subject to the ban July 1.

…Heal the Bay, a Santa Monica-based environmental group and ban supporter, acknowledged that some shoppers who reuse plastic bags to dispose of animal waste will miss them. On its website, the group suggests using old newspapers to scoop up dog waste during walks, or to reuse bread bags or produce bags, which will still be available.
“You can also use the cereal bag from the cereal box,” said Sarah Sikich, science and policy director for Heal the Bay, which has been pushing for a bag ban for seven years. “People get creative when they have to.”

We don’t eat cereal. (If Gregg even eyes a Corn Flake, I’ll kill him.)

I predict an increase in dog poop everywhere.

For my tiny dog’s Tootsie Roll-sized poopies, I can take a paper towel in my pocket if we go for a walk.

Great Danes? Not so much.

By the way, when certain cities, like West Hollywood, were early on the ban, check out the unintended consequences: Gregg changed grocery stores and started going to one that didn’t charge for bags. He had to drive just a block out of his way, but he was happy to. He’s so pissed off about this now — plus he likes driving — that he’s contemplating going grocery shopping in the rather hilariously named “The Inland Empire.”

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