How do civilizations commit suicide? By elevating women at the expense of men. It doesn’t have to be this way.

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Oh dear. Camille Paglia isback in the news, pointing out some icky truths that make feminists stamp their feet and pout, as icky truths tend to do.

In a three hour interview, Paglia points out just what we’re getting wrong, culturally.

The diminished status of the military means that the cultural elite has no military experience – no explicit training in analysis, strategy, defense, offence, subterfuge – any of the tactics that permit an understanding of how to face down evil and triumph

This leads to the idea that everyone is basically nice and if we’re nice, they’ll be nice right back. North Korea: just be nice and everything will be okie-dokie. How’s that working out,Jang Song Thaek?

”These people don’t think in military ways, so there’s this illusion out there that people are basically nice, people are basically kind, if we’re just nice and benevolent to everyone they’ll be nice too. They literally don’t have any sense of evil or criminality.”

Women in particular are oblivious to the dangers of the world, and insist that they have every right to put themselves in vulnerable situations and when bad things happen, they cannot and must not be held responsible for that:

“I believe that every person, male and female, needs to be in a protective mode at all times of alertness to potential danger. The world is full of potential attacks, potential disasters.” She calls it “street-smart feminism.”

Men are neutered, essentially from birth, and taught that their energy and desire to interact physically with the world is amental disorderthat requires medication. “Sit quietly and color, boys, and please don’t build projectiles with your crayons”.

“Primary-school education is a crock, basically. It’s oppressive to anyone with physical energy, especially guys,” she says, pointing to the most obvious example: the way many schools have cut recess. “They’re making a toxic environment for boys. Primary education does everything in its power to turn boys into neuters.”

Primary school teachers, who tend to have backgrounds in theBarista of Artsacademic tradition (degrees in reading, dancing, feeling, etc.) dislike teaching hard facts and quantitative skills (math is hard, Barbie!), and instead focus on “female values” such as sensitivity, cooperation and socialization. And it doesn’t get better in higher education, either.

”This PC gender politics thing—the way gender is being taught in the universities—in a very anti-male way, it’s all about neutralization of maleness.” The result: Upper-middle-class men …read more

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