Reza Aslan on Zealotry

There’s a good bit of interview highlights at the show page, and here’s the transcript. There’s also an abbreviated, 9-minute interview by Rachel Martin: ‘Zealot’ Tells The Story Of Jesus The Man, Not The Messiah (and transcript). A final quote from the highlights.

“Almost every word ever written about Jesus was written by people who didn’t actually know Jesus when he was alive. These were not people who walked with Jesus or talked with Jesus. These were not people who ate with him or prayed with him.

“[The Apostles] were farmers and fisherman. These were illiterates; they could neither read nor write, so they couldn’t really espouse Christology, high-minded theology about who Jesus was. They certainly couldn’t write anything down. Instead the task of spreading the Gospel message outside of Jerusalem, of really creating what we now know as Christianity, fell to a group of urbanized, Hellenized, educated Jews in the Diaspora; [and] for [the Romans], having grown up immersed in this Hellenized, Romanized world, the concept of a God-man was something quite familiar. Caesar Augustus was a God-man. What we really see in these 20 years after Jesus’ death is this process whereby this Jewish religion based on a Jewish revolutionary becomes transformed into a Roman religion, where Jesus is transformed from a Jewish conception of a Messiah to a kind of Roman demigod.”

via Reza Aslan on Zealotry | Free The Animal.

Zealot - The Life and Times of Jesus of Nazareth - Reza Aslan

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