A Thought On Obama And The Keystone Pipeline

From my perspective, I thought the pipeline would be good for Obama — creating jobs, local fuels, pat on the ass to the oil companies — but I forgot about one thing: OPEC.

I was reading an article on WUWT, and one paragraph made sense to me when considering this situation:

At Georgetown, the President addressed the proposed Keystone Pipeline, which has been delayed for almost five years, stating, “…the pipeline’s impact on our climate will be absolutely critical to determine whether this project will be allowed to go forward.” When operating, the Keystone Pipeline can replace 45 percent of Persian Gulf oil imports with oil from Canada and the northern United States. But our President considers emissions to be a larger issue than reducing OPEC oil imports.

As I read that paragraph I remembered reading about Obama calling in a favor from/ getting his ass saved by Saudi Arabia to alleviate the gas crunch in early 2012. The “Wall of Oil” that Saudi Arabia sent helped to bring down gas prices and gave Obama some political breathing room on that front.

The steps by the world’s largest oil producer, which include tapping new oilfields and boosting its production to the highest level in 30 years, will surely be welcomed by the White House as it battles the negative impact of rapidly rising fuel prices.

So… how do you repay such a political favor? Well, by keeping Saudi oil on the menu, of course. Domestic oil? Pfft. North Dakota oil workers will still get paid, and Canada isn’t bailing out Obama in key political areas. U.S. citizens will just have to deal with it; after all, it’s crony capitalism, so what’re you going to do about it? Not a god damn thing.

You Ain't Gonna Do Shit About It, So Get The Fuck Back To Work

You Ain’t Gonna Do Shit About It, So Get The Fuck Back To Work

Obama plays the green card on climate and “renewable” energy while keeping himself alive politically. It ain’t pretty, but in the world of “GOTCHA politics,” the American people aren’t really going to be served, they’re just going to be used.


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