How To Remove A Song From A Grooveshark Playlist (2013)

This was a surprising pain in the ass. I checked the menus for a remove option but didn’t see one. Googled for an answer but they were all old versions of Grooveshark (it’s April 27, 2013, and yes, eventually this post, too, will give old info). So, after a few minutes of swearing at my computer I stumbled across the solution.

1) Filter out the song you want to remove.

This may not be necessary, depending on how large your playlist is, but I did it, so I’m putting it down.


2) Click on the the dotted area on the left hand side of the track (when you hover your mouse over it it turns into a four-arrow anchor and the hover text says “Drag to Add or Share”).




3) Now can I please remove a song from my playlist, Grooveshark? Oh thank christ…



Click “Remove” and the track is gone! Notice in the first screenshot that the remove button doesn’t show up automatically, it only shows up when you highlight a song, and if you don’t look up to see the top menu after highlighting a track, you’re fucked. Shitty work, Grooveshark. I like your service, but this is bullshit.

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12 Responses to How To Remove A Song From A Grooveshark Playlist (2013)

  1. Josh22Phew says:

    Wow! thanks, actually now that I can do it seems quite easy but it was a pain in the ass.
    Thanks a lot!!!

  2. donkeyrock says:

    You’re welcome, Josh22Phew. Glad it helped someone besides me.

  3. Gabbana44 says:

    This was very helpful I have been trying to remove songs for months but didn’t know how. Grooveshark website isn’t even helpful thank u for this.

  4. donkeyrock says:

    You’re welcome, Gabbana44. Glad it helped.

  5. Thank you for sharing that. It worked!

    Gah, removing tracks shouldn’t be so counter intuitive.

  6. donkeyrock says:

    You’re welcome, Kate Landsing, and you’re right, it should be more intuitive to remove a track from a Grooveshark playlist.

  7. SHAN says:

    AWESOME Donkey-Rock DUDE: THANK YOU!!!
    Grooveshark: I will never get that 20 minutes back. Grrrr.

  8. donkeyrock says:

    Werd, SHAN, glad it helped.

  9. doberlengo says:

    thanks for help!

  10. donkeyrock says:

    Happy to oblige, doberlengo.

  11. scythe says:

    of course, it’s the add/share/change order button! it makes so much sense, they haven’t even included it on their official help page. how could anyone have problems with something so straightforward? now, hitting the play button, that needs instructions, nobody would ever crack that. *facepalm*

    but seriously, thanks a lot for this, it was a BIG help.

  12. donkeyrock says:

    You’re welcome, scythe. Glad I can help. I think you broke my sarcasometer, though. :>

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