You Aren't Citizens; You're Prey -- Or Cash Cows

By Amy Alkon

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You Aren’t Citizens; You’re Prey — Or Cash Cows
By lowering the yellow light time without announcing it, Chicago made nearly $8 million off of red-light cameras — which I contend make our streets more dangerous because drivers often stop short to avoid getting a huge ticket via camera.

The full story from Odette Yousef at WBEZ:

Chicago’s red light cameras are under increased scrutiny, after a Chicago Tribune investigation found glitchy cameras may have issued thousands of tickets in error. The report also found many yellow lights are slightly short of the city standard of three seconds.

WBEZ has been looking into yellow lights too — and we’ve found something else. Many traffic experts say Chicago flouts industry best practices with how it programs its traffic control devices — and one engineer says it may be “entrapping” drivers into running red lights.

Oh, and no, “Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s administration will not refund $7.7 million in red light camera tickets it collected after quietly lowering the yellow light standard,” reports Hal Dardick in the Chi Trib.

Chicago as usual!

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TIL that since the 12th century, Judaism believes that if the truths derived through science or philosophy contradict religious beliefs, the religious beliefs are incorrect.

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Muslim fanaticism rewarded, Again.

By Elder of Ziyon (

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It is astonishing how extreme Muslim fanaticism is now simply accepted as mainstream by the world – and it even gets rewarded.

I’m not talking about ISIS or Al Qaeda. The world will offer lip service as to how awful those groups are.

But the activities in Israel and the territories over the past day have shown that fanaticism by the “good Muslims” is simply accepted without question, while the only vitriolic words are about the man who was marked for murder because he wanted Jews to have equal rights.

Only Yehuda Glick is being called “right-wing activist” and “ultranationalist” and “hardline rabbi” The person who attempted to murder him is more sympathetically portrayed as a former prisoner who was shot and killed in a hail of bullets.

Glick never called to kill anyone. He did not call for Muslims to be banned from Judaism’s holiest spot. Al he demanded was that Jews have the same rights on the Mount as Muslims do. But you will be hard pressed to find any media outlet that bothers to point out that Glick is on the side of basic human rights – and rights that are enshrined in international law.

No, that narrative is forbidden. Jews asserting their rights are right wing fanatics.

Meanwhile, Muslims are raging – because Israeli police killed a real fanatic, a man who seemingly in response to the incitement by Mahmoud Abbas decided to attack a symbol of Jewish equal rights. I have not found one Arab voice condemning the assassination attempt on Rabbi Glick’s life.

But Mahmoud Abbas’ “moderate” Fatah party is calling for a “day of rage” at the killing of the would-be assassin, Mu’atez Hijazi.

Think about that. These “moderates” are calling for riots to support a terrorist.

The Temple Mount has been a source for riots by Muslims incensed at the idea of Jews having any human rights. Israeli police are needed to protect the Jews from murderous Muslim “worshippers.” It was natural for Israel to close down the site to head off more riots – but, of course, that just became another excuse for more threats, more violence and more incitement.

The State Department didn’t express confidence that Israeli authorities were doing their best to handle the situation. It didn’t come out with a public statement that the holy site should be open to all, without any threats or intimidation. It didn’t condemn the calls for violence and …Click Here To Read The Full Story >>>

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The Comment Dr. Michael Eades Doesn’t Want You To See

By Richard Nikoley

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Well first, from a best-laid-plans scenario, this was supposed to be the final post in this matter: Lies, Damned Lies, and The Inuit Diet. That’s an excellent background overview. But then, Dr. Mike goes and posts this commenton his ironically titled “Beware the Confirmation Bias” post, that begins in what has become his typical dismissive tone when implying that he just can’t be bothered—but then gets bothered anyway, pretending to be doing everyone a favor.

This whole issue is like a vampire that refuses to die. It would be less aggravating if it were of any consequence, but in my view it isn’t.

Doesn’t he know that Original Vampirescan’t be killed? And while I may tend towards the troublesome comportment of Claus, Duck’s conscientious Elijah persona tends to keep me in check. Moreover, what Dr. Eades means by “of [no] consequence” is actually his own insistence on completely avoiding the central point of the whole issue (the mythical very high-fat, ketogenic diet of the Inuit); instead, choosing to focus primarily on glycogen degradation which, while a point, is a minor one (very high protein consumption with attendant gluconeogenesis is The Point).

So with that, here’s Duck’s 10-point rebuttal to Dr. Eades, submitted in his comments about 5 days ago, but still “awaiting moderation.” I held up posting this in order to give a fair chance for him to put it through moderation—so I could merely link to it in a link roundup—but then yesterday, I saw he approved two other comments; so I have to rule out that he was just tied up.


Dear Dr. Eades,

While I appreciate the sentiment of your “confirmation bias” post, there are a number of errors in this post that should be corrected.

1) You cited John Murdoch incorrectly in your comments. His observations did not match up with Stefansson’s as Murdoch observed the Eskimo’s moderate fat intake (as stated in your quote). At Point Barrow he observed their blubber conservation for lamp fuel, low reindeer availability and consumption of seal as a “staple”.

From: Ethnological Results of the Point Barrow Expedition,By John Murdoch (1892)

Page 56: “The most important sea animal is the little rough seal, which is very abundant at all seasons. Its flesh is the great staple …Click Here To Read The Full Story >>>

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Get Rid of that Hot Sauce Burn with Pork Rinds

So I was eating some meat sticks with sriracha (rooster sauce), and the burn on my tongue was getting to me.

I took a sip of my fake coffee (decaf, instant, non-dairy creamer, sugar free, stevia drops) and that just made it worse. No bueno!

I drank some Crystal Light lemonade, and that helped a bit, but it didn’t last and I’d have to keep sipping to keep the burn down. Again, no bueno.

Then, I had some pork rinds. They were right next to me, and they’re the real kind. I got them from, and they’re super tasty. Even with salt and black pepper on them, the burn was immediately diminished. The more rinds I had, the less burn I felt. After about 3 pork rinds, the hot sauce burn was not an issue at all.


So then I wanted to experiment with my new-found powers over capsaicin: I dipped a pork rind in sriracha sauce……… perfection. Very low capsaicin burn, but with full Sriracha flavor.

I have found a new treat and a new treatment for getting rid of the hot sauce/capsaicin burn: PORK RINDS!!

US Wellness Meats Pork Rinds Bag

US Wellness Meats Pork Rinds Bag

(I don’t know if the gross convenience store pork rinds will do the trick, but I hope someone who can stand them tries it… for science.)

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