A Patchwork Morality Cloak of Many Colors

So I’m reading about a Jew being put down for not defending Israel, and the supposed story of an evolving morality: a young Jew who’s gung-ho for Israeli statehood and the plight of the Jews in the 20th century and how to right those wrongs, then evolves his moral position over the decades with the constant bombardment of opposing moralists who explain the Arabs are the put-upon people because the Jews created Israel and Israel is a colonialist/ racist/ imperialist/ everything-“bad”-ist entity.

And then I think, “Why are there sides in this argument?”

I know, so idealistic, but it’s not the college freshman version of this thought, it’s the college sophomore version. :D

When you don’t have a side to defend, you can choose which morality fits your best idea of a better future for all. In my head I saw this as a cloak of morality, a patchwork cloak of many colors, chosen from ideas taken from the religious and secular worlds, from all faiths, all nationalities, all inputs I’ve encountered.

When a person wears the patchwork morality cloak of many colors, berating someone for changing their position seems more petty. Of course you should change your position if the evidence you encounter points you to a new understanding. That’s the right and proper thing to do. When an old morality patch shows it’s lack of worth, you remove it and replace it with something better. That is sensible. Merely taking a side because that’s the side you’ve always been on is nonsensical.

The immediate argument against this that comes to mind is, “no matter what, you are on a side, and those who see things one way or the other will argue and fight to prove that their side is the right side.” This is true, but it’s not about being on a side when you wear the cloak, it’s about being above the fray and searching for truth. The guiding light, however, is about choosing which path will lead everyone to a better world.

The whole point here is to show why choosing a side (by which I mean a platform or a slate of pre-approved choices) and sticking to it is an outdated and counter-productive thing to do. Why be a Democrat or a Republican when you can choose the best of each and promote someone who expresses a more inclusive view of each side and shows a better path for everyone? Prove it and live it. Why choose one religion when you can include all of their teachings into your own morality? Forge a new path. Live an empirical life, but don’t be a simp.

What about oppositional intractability, those people, institutions, and ideas that are against your reasoned arguments and won’t change their minds despite the best evidence to the contrary? Self preservation. If their intractable argument would actually harm you if they prevail, then you fight it in every way. Self protection is completely sensible.

Getting back to what I was reading, I am pro-Israel for practical means, unlike those who turn anti-Israel after listening to unreasoned arguments against its existence, or those who defend Israel simply because they’re Jewish and expect other Jews to support it for that simplistic reason. Ideally Israel wouldn’t need to exist as a religious-based state — the home of the Jewish people — but the world isn’t ideal. Those opposed to Israel have many arguments against it, the vast majority being unreasoned and/or uninformed animosity toward a minority. In the end, it’s a choice between Israel existing and Israel being destroyed, and I choose for Israel to exist because Israel being destroyed would be just another holocaust, another diaspora, another excuse to scapegoat a constant minority and remove the power they’ve rightfully regained. To be anti-Israel is to be pro-genocide because that would be the result of allowing Israel to be overrun by its ideological and territorial enemies.

My moralistic patchwork cloak of many colors sees the best path for all is in encouraging Israel and fighting its enemies, not because Israel is inherently good, but because the path where Israel doesn’t exist is a bad path for the world in which I want to live. The fact that Israel has turned out so well and created so much good despite ferocious enemies and human foibles, is icing on the cake.



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Bitch I’m Girthy!

Bitch, I'm Girthy! (500px version)

Bitch, I’m Girthy! (500px version)

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Eva Amurri Black and White Pixellation

Digital Art:

Eva Amurri Black and White Pixellation

Eva Amurri Black and White Pixellation

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Eva Amurri Quintptych

Digital art:

Eva Amurri Quintptych

Eva Amurri Quintptych

Direct link: http://dt4obhckowqr6.cloudfront.net/images/2015/01/20150131-eva-amurri-quintptych.jpg

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How Government Ruins Everything, Including My Lunch

By Amy Alkon
donkeyrock shared this story from Advice Goddess Blog.

How Government Ruins Everything, Including My Lunch
Limited government, I’m all for.

What we have is vastly overreaching government.

I ruined my lunch by spending most of it on the phone with the Kaiser West LA pharmacy — with the sort of people who sound like they have the look in their eyes of a dead fish (one of whom was a pharmacist).

I have a prescription for the generic for Adderall, which helps me function as a writer. I have ADHD, which is misnamed attention deficit disorder. It actually reflects too much attention. Adderall helps calm all that down so I can be a little more unidirectional (or at least not tornado-directional) in my thinking, so I can write.

I find that Kaiser stocks this drug as if it’s a rare leukemia potion, not one that a probably an eighth of Los Angeles is on, so I do what I always do when I get a prescription: Call the pharmacy to find out if they have it in. I make it clear that this is a prescription from my Kaiser doctor, and they can see this because they made me give them my medical record number when I got on the phone.

So, I ask, do you have the amount I need?

Kaiser West LA pharmacy android: “We don’t give out information about our stock of schedule two drugs on the phone.”

Well, they have — for all the years I’ve been in LA (since the mid 90s) — which is pretty much how long I’ve been taking ADHD drugs.

I tell the dead fish-eyed voice on the phone — and later, a pharmacist, after dead fish eyes dumps my call and I have to call back (recording, recording, press one, press five, go fuck yourself with a sharp stick…)…

I try a new tactic: I ask if they tell me if they can fill the amount in my prescription — which they can see…prescribed by my Kaiser psychiatrist.

Pharmacy android and then, later, pharmacist android: It isn’t their policy to tell me that — or to hold the drugs until I can get there.

When, by the way, the Kaiser pharmacy nearest me is holding part of my prescription (but can’t fill the whole thing), and told me exactly how much of the drug they had and let me have it all.

But, again, this is the West LA Kaiser I’m being shafted by. What they’re asking: That I would rush to my mailbox …Click Here To Read The Full Story >>>

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